Exercises to Sculpt Your Back

Top 5 Exercises to Sculpt Your Back

Your back needs more love when you work out. Apart from giving it shape, it can also stabilize the spine, keeping the body aligned. This will pick up the posture and you are going to appear much slimmer. Here are some exercises for toned, smooth, and a stronger back.

Superman Yoga Pose

How to Do: Lie down on your belly and extend your arms over the head. Contract the glutes and core. Raise head, arms, chest, and legs off the ground. Hold the position for 3 seconds and come back to the starting position.

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Side Bends

How to Do: Stand straight keeping the legs and the feet together. Stretch out your arms over your head while you inhale. Lower the right arm towards the right side of the body and exhale as you take the left arm over the head and bend the body towards the right. Inhale and return your hands to the center. Repeat it with the other side.

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Lat Pull Down

How to Do: Grab the bar at the lat-pull down station of your gym. Keep a shoulder-width distance and the arms straight. Maintain an upright torso. Squeeze your shoulder blade and pull down the bar towards your chest.
Return back to start, slowly.

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Standing Forward Bend

How to Do: Stand straight keeping your feet together and bend your knees a little. Fold the torso over the legs as you move from the hip. Place the hands on the floor in front of you or next to the feet. Inhale to extend the chest and then lengthen the spine. Keep looking forward. While you exhale extend the torso without making your back round. Stay for 30 seconds and come back to standing position.

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Push-up-Position Row

How to Do: Take the position of the push-up and hold dumbbells in your hands. Keep your feet a little more than a hip-distance apart. Pull a dumbbell to the side of the chest and maintain parallel hips. Lower the weight of your hands and place it on the floor. Repeat it with the other arm.

These exercises can be used for strengthening and smoothening the alluring area. when you fix the muscles of upper-back, it will pull back the shoulder and give girls and instant lift.

Top 5 Exercises to Sculpt Your Back