5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Side Fat Quickly

Side fat usually accumulates around the waist area which usually gives rise to love handles. These can be reduced by certain exercises. While active aerobic exercises can help reduce such fat, you can get targeted fat loss in the love handle areas by doing the following exercises.

Oblique Crunch

oblique crunches exercise


This is a strenuous exercise that improved hand-body coordination as well as helps to reduce side fats.

How to Do: Lie down on the back and lift legs with bent knees till calves are horizontal. Put the left hand behind head and straighten right arm on the side. Press right forearm onto the ground, lift the left side of the body and try touching left elbow to left knee. Turn left knee towards left elbow when lifting left torso. Do the same with the other side.

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Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch


Benefits are several for this exercise. Besides the abdominal side crunch that helps in reducing side fat, it also helps a person to maintain balance and equilibrium.

How to do: Begin by standing legs apart at shoulder length. Toes should be pointing forward. Support back of the neck by placing hands behind the head. Inhale before you begin and contract the core muscles. Raise right knee and bring up to chest level. Twist torso towards the right and draw in left elbow towards the right knee. Feel the crunch and exhale to complete the movement. Return to start position and repeat the same movement on another side. Alternate the sides as per the number of repetitions you aim for. Finish the reps on one side before you switch sides.

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Alternating Toe Touch

alternating toe touch exercise


The touching of foot or toe by reaching from the other side helps to burn fat on the sides as well as strengthens core muscles.

How to Do: Layout a floor mat and lie down flat on your back. Keep lower back flat on the floor and raise a leg. Extend it fully against the body, 90 degrees. Exhale as you lift the shoulder and had and draw in your navel. Aim to touch the foot or toe with your opposite hand. Squeeze core to see better results.

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Side Plank

Side Plank


Benefits of the exercise are towards developing body balance as well as to strengthen the core muscles.

How to Do: This exercise is done on the floor so use a floor mat. After lying flat on the ground one can get onto one side. Raise your body on the side by balancing on the side of the feet, keeping both legs together on the side. Contract core and support the body by placing a forearm under the shoulder. Raise the hips to hold the body in a straight line. Hold the position and do not let the hips drop. Repeat similarly for the other side.

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Hip Dip Planks

hip dip plank exercise


The exercise helps in strengthening the core as well as to burn fat on the sides.

How to Do: Layout a floor mat and lie down straight on the back. Get onto a forearm plank with one elbow supporting your body on the side. Maintain balance by placing a free hand on hip and dip lower hip to the floor and up higher. The exercise is effective when you do 15 repetitions on either side.

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simple Exercises to Reduce Side Fat