lower ab workouts for women

5 Best Lower Ab Workouts for Women

As the world is transitioning technologically to a higher level, the fitness industry is also attracting millions of people globally. This can be attributed to the fact that most new diseases are directly related to lack of physical exercise. Apparently, women are also not trailing behind in terms of exercising for various reasons and more importantly for their lower abs. Below are 5 best lower Abs workouts for ladies who are looking to have an admirable figure.

Reverse Crunches

reverse crunches


How to do: Lie on the ground on your back and join the legs. Let your arms lie freely on the sides of the body and face directly upwards. Lift the legs up while maintaining the back and the butt tightly on the floor. Inhale deeply and engage the abdomen in pudding the butts off the ground until the legs attain the highest point.

How it benefits: Tones the abdominal muscles making them stronger.

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Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers


How to do: Kneel on a soft mat with the palms tightly pressed on the ground. Ensure the palms are right under the shoulders. Flex the knees as you bend them towards the chest one after the other. As one leg is flexing ensure the other keg is straight with the tiptoes on the ground.

How it Benefits: Tones the abs, Increases flexibility of the knee joints.

Leg Raises

leg raises


How to do: Lie on a soft level ground with the back at the base and place the legs together. Keep the arms straight in the surface and engage the lower core in lifting the legs until they are at 90with the upper body and lower then back. Keep doing this for some minutes.

How it Benefits: Tones the lower back, abs and the gluts.

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Knee to Elbow Crunches

Knee to Elbow Crunch


How to do: Lie with the back on a level surface and let both hands touch the back of the head. Join the knees and lift the legs. Move your head towards the chest and stop when it touches the knees. Ensure that the butts are maintained down all the time.

How it Benefits: It stretches the whole body making it flexible.

Scissor Abs

Scissor Kick


How to do: Lie on a level ground with the back forming the base. Lay the hands straight alongside the body and start by lifting the left leg up while maintaining the right leg on the ground. Keep alternating the legs while moving them up and down.

How it Benefits: It strengthens the transverse abdominal muscles, Makes the hip flexors more flexible.

Simple workouts are simply the ultimate lower abs workouts that most ladies need. So stop straining yourself and go for what is right for you.

lower ab workouts for women