Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

5 Simple Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica prevalence is on the rise across various parts of the world. Its a condition that is affecting many people includes men, women and children. Medically, the unusual back pains that usually happen when the back leg nerves are injured or exerted some pressure has not gotten a long-lasting remedy. However, this condition is heavily linked to the luck of proper exercises. Sciatica prevalence can be reduced up proper administration of physical exercises. Discussed below are the 6 best exercises and stretches for sciatica pain relief.

Supine Butterfly

It enhances drainage of the venous and boosts blood circulation. Suppresses the lower back pains and tension.

How to do: Gently sit down in an upright position and bend both knees. Let the soles of both feet to make contact and grasp the ankles with respective hands. Stretch the legs out slightly and lean forward slowly then back.

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Seated Spinal Stretch

It Relaxes the back and spinal muscles.

How to do: Sit upright on the floor then straighten the left leg and bend the right knee to about 60�.relax the oblique muscles and the upper body.
Elongate the left arm over and past the right knee as you move the body towards the right then turn to the opposite side.

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Knee to Chest Stretch

It stimulates effective blood floor across the nerves. Activates the leg tendons to respond effectively.

How to do: Lie on your back with the back-head supported by a spongy carpet. Spread the legs slightly to attain the body width then bend the knees. Relax the upper body then hold the left knee with both hands tightly and start moving it towards the chest. Push it up and then turn to the right knee.

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Prone Torso Twist

Stretches the spinal and lower back muscles leading to the reduction of sciatica pains. Builds strength in the lower abdomen.

How to do: Begin by lying on your back and then bend both knees.
Spread the arms lengthwise and lift the legs and knees slightly off the ground then face to the right. Twist the tailbone towards the left as the upper body moves towards the right. Stop when you reach your maximum extension then change the direction.

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Forward Pigeon Pose

It Stretches the hip flexors and psoas, Tightens the thighs.

How to do: Get on your fours with both knees touching the floor. Straighten the right foot horizontally backwards with both the knee and the toe on the ground. Bend the left knee and move it towards the belly and lower the arms to support the upper body. Release the whole body to get supported by the bent knee as you increase the back and forth movements before shifting to the right leg.

Engaging in the above exercises will surely leave your body relaxed and flexible. Sciatica pains can easily be dealt with if people will go for these stretches and exercises.

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Simple Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief