face yoga exercises for wrinkles

5 Best Face Yoga Exercises for Wrinkles

Practicing Yoga regularly can make your body stronger and skin healthier. There are various postures and poses that can reduce the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and adding glow to your eyes and skin. Mentioned below are the top 5 face yoga poses that can work wonders for your facial skin.

Puff up Your Cheeks

The pose strengthens the overall facial muscles. It is effective in retaining the youthful appearance of your cheeks and skin around the cheekbones and lips.

How to Do: Open your mouth and breathe in slowly. Close your mouth and hold the air in your mouth. Purse your lips tightly and puff your cheeks.
Move the air from one side to another inside your mouth.

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Fish Face

It tones the muscles around your cheeks and lips.

How to Do: Close your lips tightly. Spread your closed lips into a smile.
Slowly suck the insides of your cheeks through the space between your upper and lower teeth. Suck until your lips have shrunk enough to resemble the mouth of a fish.

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Lion Face

The yoga pose improves the blood circulation throughout your facial muscles and skin.

How to Do: Stand on your knees on a floor mat. Bring down your hips and rest them on your heels. Place your hands on your thighs and relax. Take a deep breath and slowly open your mouth. Slowly stick your tongue out as you exhale noisily. Also, widen your eyes into a fierce glare. Stretch out the tongue as far as possible and tighten the muscles around your cheeks and throat.

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Stick Your Tongue Out

It tones the muscles and rejuvenates the nerves around your mouth and cheeks. It not only reduces the wrinkles but also makes the skin healthier.

How to Do: Hold your head straight and breathe in. Open your mouth and exhale. Simultaneously stick your tongue out. Stretch your tongue out as far as possible and breathe normally.

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Look-Up at the Ceiling

The Yoga pose strengthens your chin and neck muscles. It can tighten the muscles around your jaws and reduce wrinkles.

How to Do: Keep your head straight. Slowly turn your head upwards in the direction of the ceiling. Stretch your neck as far as you can and tighten your lips. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

All the 5 Yoga poses explained above can be specifically used for improving the muscle tone and vitality of your facial structures. They can not only reduce the existing wrinkles but also prevent new ones.

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best face yoga exercises for wrinkles