best cardio workouts for weight loss

5 Best Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

Here are five effective exercises that can help step up weight loss and also in strengthening and toning the core and other parts of the body.


Cycling is an effective way to lose weight and tone the leg muscles. You would also be working the core as you cycle. It helps to build the heart rate and is an effective cardio exercise. With a 15 minute session, you can expect to lose 200 calories. To make it intense it is best to increase resistance levels in the bikes.

How to do: Have a stationary cycle or gear bike handy. Start by doing light warm-ups, especially of your calves and legs. Start to pedal at a comfortable speed. After a minute of pedaling, you can increase the speed to feel the fat burn in the thigh area. ontinue pedaling for three minutes before taking a short break or slowing down. After slowing down for a minute continue on high-speed biking for another 3-5 minutes.

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Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs works effectively on the legs, targeting the thighs and the core area. It also works on the cardio muscles. A session of ten minutes would be effective in burning 300 calories.

How to do: Stair climber machines are now found in the gyms, or else use a staircase for this exercise. Start by climbing up and walking each step.
Next climb every other step. Variety with lateral lunges and forward lunges.
End the sets by running up and down. Take a short break and repeat the routine again.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is designed to help elevate the heart rate and burn fat in a fast manner. It also helps to tone muscles and strengthen the core region, increasing strength and fitness at the same time. Those who have a small amount of time to work out and wish to see results fast can opt for high-intensity interval training. A session of 30 minutes will help one to burn about 500 calories.

How to do: This can be a set of exercises of high intensity and done in short spurts. Choose a number of exercises to alternate such as jumping squats, lunges with jumps, step jumps, burpees, and high knees. You can start with each exercise and do ten repetitions each before moving onto the next without a break. After a complete set of each exercise done, one can take a break of 10 seconds after which they can repeat the same sets again.

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Rowing is a beneficial exercise for engaging the upper body and core region. You will feel weight loss in this region as well as be able to lose about 200 to 300 calories in a 30-minute session.

How to do: Have a rowing machine handy, either at home or at your gym.
Sit down and strap your legs to the footholds of the machine. Once your feet are secured firmly, grab the handle. Start to pull the handle towards you in strong, rapid motions. Keep the spine straight as well as shoulders down and chest out. Engage the back and ab muscles when you pull the handle towards yourself. Stop when elbows are behind the body and squeeze the shoulders. Do not lean back. Return the handle to start position and begin again.

Kettle Bells

Kettle bells are designed to help add resistance to different exercises. Squats, lunges, lifts and simple walks can become more effective when done with kettle bells. These can also help in working the arm muscles. A total session of 30 minutes with kettle bells will help one to lose about 400 calories.

How to do: Start by finding a set of kettle bells of the right weight for yourself. Holding them a number of cardio or strength training exercises can be done. Start by lunges, holding the kettle bells by your side. These can be brought up and down to do toning of the arms. Holding the kettle bells one can also do squats. Kettle bell lifts with pliƩ squats is another effective exercise for the arms and core.

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best Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss